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Why train at the Fuzion Kickboxing Academy?

Our goal is to turn you into a elite level Martial Artist and become the fittest you have ever been in your entire life. Its our passion as instructors and its what we love to do. We are a family  and welcome you to come and join us to achieve great results through exciting knowledgeable training and challenging fitness exercises to reach your full potential in your Martial Arts Journey.

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The Fuzion Kickboxing Academy was established in 2009, since this time we have changed hundreds of people's lives, helping them lose weight, grade through to black belt and represent themselves and the academy by competing in competitions.

Our head coach present in every class is DBS checked and first aid qualified. All our instructors love training and are always on hand to help, all you have to do is ask.

Our sessions are totally different every time, you can expect a warm up of skipping, body weight exercises, running or shadow boxing. This will then lead into the technical theme of each class which will involve light partner drilling which transfers over to striking on focus pads, thai pads and kick shields for the ultimate fuzion workout. Training multiple rounds of combinations on the pads we will then always end with a high energy finish. You will then leave feeling happy, sweaty and exhausted, and will be counting down the time until the next session!

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Our knowledgeable kickboxing classes teach you real martial arts and concentrate on improving your fitness; this results in you actually looking and feeling healthier whilst learning realistic techniques for the street, ring or cage. The combination of learning new skills; techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones; meeting new people and being positively motivated all increases your confidence tremendously. Plus, how many of your friends and family can say they're a kickboxer!

Fuzion Kickboxing Academy Free Trial

" I was recommended to Fuzion and could not of wished for a more perfect academy. Within the first class my already decent fitness levels were put to the test and found myself sweating more than any workout before, this is the kind of training that transforms the conditioning of even the avid gym goer with mental work to boot" - Gary Verby

"Fuzion caters for the whole family making it accessible to everyone. A friendly atmosphere where you can participate & train for fun to competitive level. Fantastic!" Debbie Ellen

"Great atmosphere, where everyone is made welcome. Excellent coaches at hand to support. Keep up the good work!" - Ben English

"Fantastic training for all ages, very welcoming, great way to get fit with great people! Highly recommended!" - Lisa Hagget

"The best martial arts academy I have ever trained at, explosive energy and fully enjoyable from start to finish, I've recommended all my friends" -Daniel Alter

"First lesson was hard, second lesson I fell in love and joined straight away" - Jenai Morray

“It’s a great community atmosphere, everyone’s out to help each other. Im still finding it a struggle now, and im a million times fitter than I was before. I’ve lost 4 stone and 3lbs, about 28 kilos!” - Chris Barclay

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