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About your instructors

Richard Baskin - 5th Degree Black Belt
    Have been training in martial arts for 27 years.
  • 5th Degree Kickboxing Black Belt.
  • Started training age 7 in Karate and 13 in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA.
  • Earned black belt at age 16 in Kickboxing.
  • Medalist across 6 Muay Thai Inter-clubs and 12 Submission Grappling Competitions.
  • Undefeated 6-0 Ultimate Fighting Warriors Lightweight mixed martial arts Champion.
  • Traveled to Thailand twice and trained at 5 gyms for Muay Thai training.
  • Actively training and updating knowledge attending seminars and training with multiple world champions.
  • Consistently successfully cornering fighters for, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA.
  • Creator of for Punch Bag training drills, techniques and workouts.
Brutal Elbow Blitz Combo!
Countering the Counter | 3 Options Against The Counter Cross - Lesson 97

Countering the Counter | 3 Options Against The Counter Cross - Lesson 97

In this lesson, learn how to effectively counter your opponent's cross counter after executing your jab. Facing a counter-cross can be tricky at a hogh striking level, but with these three expert techniques, you'll be equipped to turn the tables on your opponent and gain the upper hand in your exchanges. 1. **Bring Your Jab Hand Back to Your Temple**: One of the fundamental defences against a counter-cross is to swiftly retract your jab hand back to your temple after throwing the punch. This not only protects your head but also allows you to close the gap and block the incoming cross effectively. 2. **Roll Under Their Counter-Cross**: Timing and agility play crucial roles in this technique. As your opponent attempts to counter your jab with a cross, execute a fluid and controlled roll underneath their punch. This defensive manoeuvre not only evades the incoming strike but also sets you up for a strategic counterattack such as the hook. 3. **Intercept Before Their Cross Lands**: Proactivity is key in this technique. Anticipate your opponent's counter-cross and intercept it before it even has a chance to land. Utilize your footwork and timing to step in with a well-timed jab, disrupting their rhythm and seizing control of the exchange. Mastering these three techniques will not only enhance your defensive capabilities but also provide you with valuable opportunities to launch effective counter-counterattacks. To learn more, visit and follow me on Instagram @punchbagpro Thanks for watching....
How To Slip - The Three Slip Ranges | Lesson 96

How To Slip - The Three Slip Ranges | Lesson 96

Mastering Slip Range: Effective Slipping Techniques for Close, Mid, and Long Ranges In this tutorial, learn how to dominate every range with expert slipping techniques. I will break down the art of slipping into three distinct ranges, equipping you with the skills to counter any opponent effectively. Long Range: At a distance, strategic footwork and precise kicks are your allies. Discover how to maintain control while keeping your opponent at bay, utilizing swift kicks to counter their advances using the long-range slip. Mid Range: As the fight intensifies, master the art of slipping whilst moving into mid range. Learn how to navigate the mid-range with lightning-fast straight punches, exploiting openings, and delivering devastating blows with pinpoint accuracy. Close Range: When the fight gets up close and personal, it's time to unleash the power of body and head punches by slipping deep. Dive deep into the mechanics of slipping, weaving, and countering at close quarters, inflicting maximum damage with every strike. Whether you're a beginner seeking to improve your technique or a seasoned fighter looking to refine your skills, this tutorial offers invaluable insights into the art of slipping across all ranges. Elevate your game, outmanoeuvre your opponents, and emerge victorious with mastery over every range. Don't miss out – watch now and revolutionize your fighting strategy! Follow me on Instagram @punchbagpro and learn more by visiting Thanks for watching...
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