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Adult Lessons FAQ's

Can I try a class before i start training?

Of course. We offer a free trial and free t-shirt to all new students. So come down and try us out, if you don't enjoy at least you have a new t-shirt to wear.


Are the instructors qualified?

Yes! All the instructors are qualified and have over 30 years experience teaching 6 styles of martial arts. All our instructors are fully insured, are qualified in first aid and are DBS checked. You are in safe experienced hands.


Will I get hurt?

No. Everything is strictly monitored and controlled. You will begin slowly and work at your own pace. You will work with someone else who is also a beginner and we have assistants in class to help you. You can rest at anytime. You will not do any sparring/contact unless you want to. We pride ourselves on looking after beginners.


What do I need to bring?

Wear loose fitting clothing e.g. jogging bottoms, t-shirt and socks and bring some water with you. We have everything else you need. We invest a lot of our money in providing up to date kit for our members, which is replaced every 6 months.


I'm totally unfit, will the classes be suitable for me?

We make sure that we cater to a range of fitness levels from a total beginner to the superfit athlete. The instructors will make sure that you are comfortable at all times and will gradually increase the intensity as your fitness develops. You can stop and rest at anytime, so dont worry you will be fine.


What types of classes are there?

The different classes are as follows:


Adults kickboxing

These fitness and technique based classes are suitable for anyone wishing to get in great shape in a fun, interesting class. We work equally on developing solid martial arts skills whilst building

fitness gradually.

Kids Kickboxing

We teach children from 5 yrs -16 yrs. The younger classes are focused on developing discipline, control, self confidence, balance, fitness and self defense skills. Older children also work on developing a high level of martial arts skill and developing athleticism.


Can I get personal coaching/ private lessons?

We can arrange private training sessions if you want to top up your training or want to work on a specific goal. Please enquire for information about costs/ times.


Do you hold gradings?

We hold gradings every four months which will allow you to track your progress as you develop into a capable, confident martial artist. There are ten grades which mean it takes roughly three years to get to black belt. Gradings are done as a group in a relaxed atmosphere and some people just like to train and not grade which is fine with us.

Childrens Lessons FAQ's

What are your childrens classes about?

We emphasise fun during martial arts training. If kids are not having fun they will not come back or be motivated to train. We have over 200 drills and games that increase fitness, build character, teach self defense skills and are FUN! We believe kids should be learning and enjoying themselves at the same time. So fun is our primary focus.


Are the classes safe for my child?

Yes. All classes taught are strictly monitored by our Black Belt instructors to ensure complete safety. All of our instructors attend regular child safety courses through recognised training bodies and are DBS checked. We also operate a recognised child safety policy and an anti-bully policy. All of our instructors are qualified in emergency first aid.


Do I have to buy equipment and uniform?

After your free trial period we do require all students to have the club uniform. You can buy other bits of kit (gloves and pads) if you want but they are not compulsory.


Will martial arts make my child aggressive?

Children are taught that the martial arts are not to be used as an offensive weapon, but rather to defend oneself in certain situations. Aggressive behavior is channeled into assertiveness to increase the child’s self esteem, improve self-discipline and build character. Our programme also helps the shy child to develop self-confidence and become more assertive. We do not tolerate any bullying or bad behaviour from parents or kids.


What about children sparring?

We do not allow children under 10yrs old to spar. After that age contact is to the body and legs only (NO STRIKES TO HEAD are allowed) as we do not believe a growing brain should be smacked around) Participation in sparring activities is not suited to all students so is not compulsory. All students interested in sparring are required to wear protective equipment (head, foot, and hand gear, mouth-guard, and protective cup for boys) and are strictly supervised.

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