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Private lessons for Fuzion Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, white collar boxing, weight loss and all round training!

Here are the TOP 7 REASONS  to take personal training sessions and improve up to 10 times faster than regular training classes. I guarantee once you have a private lesson you will want loads more...

(1) Expert Instruction: What better than to learn from friendly Black Belt Mixed Martial Arts Champions who will teach you EVERYTHING you could possibly want to learn. We are experts in our field and will tailor the entire lesson to your level. Its your session and you can focus on anything you like from learning techniques for gradings, a fitness weight loss plan to help you achieve your goals and even sparring to get your game up. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service from the complete beginner to a seasoned pro.


(2) Schedule flexibility: if you are not able to attend the group classes due to work, family, or a horrible commute. Private lessons offer flexibility in learning martial arts without attending a group class. We are highly flexible with days and times so let us know when is best for you.

(3) Comfort Zone: you may prefer not to be in a group setting. Let’s face it, some people are introverted and that’s okay. Private lessons are a great way to meet your training needs. On the other hand, you just might prefer one on one training.

(4) Body Mechanics: There is nothing like learning to flow with good body mechanics while training in pad work drills. All aspects of a drill including footwork, timing, speed, rhythm, reaction timing and loads more will be taught and adjusted. Body mechanics are an integral part of martial arts, with an emphasis of finding the path of least resistance rather than “muscling” through a technique. To learn this quickly and effectively, hands on training with an experienced instructor helps tremendously.


(5) Instant feedback: Working one on one, we will be able to spot areas that need to be practiced or worked on, thus leading to increased technical proficiency and greater competence. No more wondering if you’re on the right track!

(6) Rapid Progression: Perhaps you’d like to accelerate your training in conjunction with the group classes. This is totally fine and as you improve, the bar is set higher by us and the training becomes progressively more challenging, leading to even faster improvement. Stagnation won’t happen here and we will make you the best you can possibly be. Its our job and we love it!

(7) Tailored Lessons: Either you can request to work on certain material or we will adjust the material for your need or skill level. This is one of the best benefits of private lessons, making the art more personal for you.

Personal kickboxing training
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